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chinapoblano at the cosmopolitan.

chinapoblano at the cosmopolitan.

yes, yes, i am very behind in posts! this one is from that week of vacation between christmas and the new year. we did a family road trip to the grand canyon, stopping in the sparkling city of las vegas for food and rest. after a long day of driving, we arrived at the cosmopolitan and got checked in around 9pm. we were tired, and hungry, and luckily, we found china poblano right inside the hotel! it's famous spanish chef jose andres interpretation of mexican and chinese food.

menu detail.

yuzu punch (bourbon, vanilla syrup, grapefruit and yuzu) and oaxacan old fashioned (mezcal, tequila reposado, agave, brandied cherries).

ceviche de peje sol: cured sunfish with serrano chiles, tomato, lime.

tacos carnitas (braised baby pig with pork rinds, spicy salsa verde cruda) and cochinita (yucatan style pit barbecue pork with marinated onions).

most of the menu was either mexican OR chinese food, not both. they did do a little fusion on some of the tacos though - my favorite was the braised duck tongue taco with fresh lychee. savory and spicy and sweet - really delightful! my other favorites from the evening would be the sun fish ceviche (a first!) and the street sandwich, which had fresh grilled bread and the savoriest and fattiest of braised pork fillings.

tacos silencio (braised duck tongue, fresh lychee) and viva china (beef tenton, kumamoto oysters).

rou ji mo street sandwich with red-braised pork.

dan dan mian: hand-cut wheat noodles, spicy pork sauce and peanuts.

everything else was good, but not great. then again, my standards are really high living in southern california, with access to some of the best chinese and mexican cuisine outside their native countries. it's definitely a fun and very tasty experience though!

happy family jiaozi with prok, shrimp, mushroom and garlic chive.

happy family jiaozi closeup.

Inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel, 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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