i love to eat and travel and document as much of it as i can.

charcoal, venice.

charcoal, venice.

i had the opportunity to go to charcoal for a work event recently, which was great because i got to try a lot more dishes than i normally would be able to when it's just the two of us. 

bread with beurre de baratte.

first of all, the bread and butter is AMAZING. i only wish the roll were bigger - you'll really want (at least!) one per person, but that could become cost prohibitive at $6 an order.

cabbage baked in the embers, yogurt, sumac and lemon zest.

bison tartare, chamomile, sweet oion, preserved meyer lemon, hazelnut.

oysters on the half shell.

smoked lamb ribs.

in general, that which isn't raw is cooked over live fire. everything was delicious and smoky, and while all the meat dishes were amazing as expected, most of my favorite dishes were actually the vegetables. i could not stop eating the cabbage, cauliflower or the collard greens salad.

grilled calamari, blue lake beans, almonds, lemon breadcrumbs.

collard greens, sweet potato, lemon caper raisin vinaigrette, shaved onion, aged cheddar, bread crumbs.

boneless 1/2 chicken salsa verde.

coal roasted carrots, sheep's milk ricotta, herbs, honey and black pepper.

21 day aged half liberty duck (leg quarter not pictured).

steak fries and homemade ketchup.

prime skirt steak.

grilled farmers market cauliflower, sauce ravigote.

of the proteins, the dry-aged duck was ridiculously good and my favorite dish of the night; the strawberry and yuzu trifle was my favorite dessert. i definitely need to come back here with james, but it's hard to imagine only ordering a couple dishes when there are so many great dishes to try. going with a group of about ten, i still feel like we barely scratched the surface.

14 oz certified angus beef new york striploin.

banana s'mores panna cotta, mcconnell's dutchman chocolate ice cream.

strawberry and yuzu trifle, strawberry sorbet.

chocolate peanut butter crunch cake, mcconnell's double peanut butter chip ice cream.

peach cobbler, mcconnell's eureka lemon and marionberry ice cream.

425 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

providence, hollywood.

providence, hollywood.

all the tacos at taco maria.

all the tacos at taco maria.