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salazar, frogtown.

salazar, frogtown.

hello! happy 2017! we just got back from a week-long roadtrip across the country. we had a blast, but its definitely good to be home. looking back on 2016, one of the restaurants i was most curious to try was salazar (warning: their website is obnoxiously gloriously early-internet-days). not only did we keep hearing amazing things about the food, but everytime we drove by, it was packed, and the patio looked amazing.

la anticuado : mezcal, whiskey, ancho chili, huitlacoche, mexican fernet.

la anticuado: mezcal, whiskey, ancho chili, huitlacoche, mexican fernet.

being people who hate lines and crowds - and since they don't take reservations - we waited until the weather got chilly, and didn't have to wait at all to grab a seat on a friday night since angelenos hate the cold (which i do too, but requested to sit directly under an outdoor heater).

seafood tostada: shrimp, snapper, crab squid ink guacamole.

to start, we ordered the seafood tostada and one of each of the tacos to share. the tostada was my favorite thing of the night. the squid ink guacamole was creamy and umami and just worked so well with the cold, fresh seafood. the tacos were simple but delicious - i particularly enjoyed the vegetable taco with it's pickled shiitakes.

tacos. clockwise from upper left: al pastor (avocado, salsa vaquera, cilantro & red onion, pineapple), carne asada (avocado, salsa vaquera, cilantro & red onion), vegetable (chanterelle, pickled shiitake & roasted potato on corn tortilla), pollo asado (avocado, salsa vaquera, cilantro & pickled red onion).


frijoles vegetales: black beans, white onion, celery, carrots, garlic.

okay, onto the main course! all their mains or "los primitivos" are fired over a mesquite grill and come with their housemade flour tortillas. our rib-eye and accompanying veggies were great! everything had a lovely char and great flavor.

24 oz bone in rib-eye over mesquite grill with vegetables, flour tortillas and salsa vaquera.

view into the kitchen / grill.

coffee with sugar and cream in the cutest containers.

the perfect end to our meal was a mug of hot coffee and the campfire chocolate for dessert. everything we ate was excellent, and i can certainly see why so many are drawn to their welcoming outdoor space. i can't wait to go back and try their weekend brunch! or you know, just stuff my face with seafood tostadas.

campfire chocolate: mesquite lava cake, graham crumbs, toasted marshmallow fluff, chocolate tequila ice cream.

the ooey-gooey insides of the lava cake.

2490 Fletcher Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90039

union, pasadena.

union, pasadena.

gwen, hollywood.

gwen, hollywood.