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dill, reykjavik.

dill, reykjavik.

we celebrated our third wedding anniversary with a cozy and delightful meal at dill in reykjavik. they have a five and seven course tasting menu, and an initial "snack" or small bites menu that starts arriving immediately, regardless of your order. each snack was unique and packed with surprising flavors and textures. this was easily our best meal in iceland, and definitely worthy of the special occasion.

snack 01. carrot, smoked mayo, dried sol; 02. chicken and roasted yeast.

snack 03. crispy bacalao, dill.

snacks 05. rutabaga and smoked cod roe; 04. oats, trout roe and sea truffle.

snack 06. dried catfish-burnt butter.

i was fascinated and enamored by the used of food preservation techniques (dried, smoked, cured, fermented, etc) on everything from vegetables to seafood to game meat. the flavor and texture combinations created using these ingredients made for a really unique dining experience. everything was both familiar and unfamiliar - if you can't tell, i really loved this meal.

butter and bread.

just a side note - the butter in iceland is SO. GOOD. every restaurant that had bread and butter, i was blown away by how rich and flavorful and GOOD the butter was. dill was no exception.

o1. mussels, celery, watercress and parsley.

02. tusk, kale and black garlic.

03. beetroot, cherries and dried guillemot.

04. carmelized potato, ash-skyr and shaved lamb hearts.

other than the "snacks", the highlight of the meal was probably mussels or the tusk, but the lamb course also stands out quite a bit. everything was so good, it's hard to pick a favorite. i was already in love with reykjavik prior to this meal, but experience such an excellent meal really just solidified it. i will most definitely be going back in the future! 

05. lamb (belly and thigh), sunchokes and crowberries.

06. carrot, buttermilk and barley.

07. omnom chocolate, fermented rhubarb and cream.

Hverfisgata 12, Reykjavík, Iceland

snapshots from iceland

snapshots from iceland

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