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coffee and brunches in seattle.

coffee and brunches in seattle.

we spent one and a half days in seattle on our way to iceland, arriving early one morning and leaving late the next afternoon. that means two chances for coffee and brunch (only our favorite weekend activity)! day one was more about seeing seattle, so we picked places closer to touristy spots we wanted to checkout (pike place! the space needle!); day two was about relaxing and killing time before our flight and those felt more embedded in their respective neighborhoods. either way, we loved all of it. seattle, you're pretty slick.


our first stop after walking through a relatively quiet pike place market (it was a rainy easter sunday after all), was storyville coffee across the street. we needed some coffee to warm and wake us up! and a waffle just for the hell of it.

french press coffee and a waffle with butter, powdered sugar and maple syrup.

94 Pike Street #34, Seattle, WA 98101


can't go to the pacific northwest and not eat some pacific northwest seafood! especially with the unavailability of dungeness crab further south, this was my first dungeness of the season! oysters and geoduck clams as well - everything at taylor shellfish oyster bar was hyper fresh and SO. GOOD. i was particularly excited because they had virginica oysters from totten inlet, which are pretty much one of my favorite oysters ever that i only see once in a blue moon.

dungeness crab from washington, cooked, chilled and cracked with pickled ginger slaw and house cocktail sauce.

a dozen oysters.

geoduck clam from south sound, wa. raw, sliced two ways, served with soy and wasabi.

124 Republican Street, Seattle, WA 98109


a quick stop by elm coffee roasters before walking through the downtown area and checking out the seattle public library. the cappuccino was lovely, and the cafe and open roasting space was bright and no-frills. 


240 2nd Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104


aunt annie's biscuit sandwich with fried chicken, bread&butter pickles, house mustard and heather's honey.

our last meal in seattle consisted of a little southern goodness at the wandering goose. their biscuits sandwiches are super flavor and filly. the space is tight, so prepare to cozy up to your neighbors and squeeze past the line to get to the bathrooms.

the easy biscuit sandwich with egg and cheese and benton's bacon.

403 15th Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98112

snapshots from seattle.

snapshots from seattle.

a birthday dinner at lark in seattle.

a birthday dinner at lark in seattle.