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smorgasburg launches in LA.

smorgasburg launches in LA.

brooklyn's popular weekly smorgasburg market opened in LA at the alameda produce market! the weather was well over 100 degrees, but there were still lots of people out to get their bagels, lobster, pizza, ramen burgers, coffee, noodle bowls, tacos, banh mi, hot dogs, poke, popsicles, etc! the list of vendors is pretty amazing.

after getting a couple iced coffees, we started walking around to get a feel for things, AKA trying to decide what to eat! as i mentioned earlier, there were lots of options, and the market felt like it was 75% food. no complaints here.

we can never say no to oysters. we got a half dozen freshly shucked oysters to help get us through the rest of the market.

half a dozen kumamoto oysters from the jolly oyster.

little branch foods!! we were super excited to see our beautiful friend ali serving up her homemade granola!

blossom vintage. the surrounding market building makes a very unique backdrop for the event.

after much debate, we decided on the freshly made musubis from mama musubi (kelp and beef for me, unagi and spicy tuna for james). james then got a biscuit with chocolate sauce from good gravy bakes, and i got an order of the mango sticky rice from sticky rice for dessert. we also got a box of four mini donuts from donut friend on our way out of the market.

kelp, unagi, spicy tuna and beef musubis.

the menu at good gravy bakes.

biscuit with chocolate sauce, whip cream and spicy peanuts.

mango stick rice from sticky rice.

box o' donuts from donut friend to-go!

i'm really interested to see how this weekly event evolves. they're definitely going to need more seating and shade for the summer! 

parking entrance at south alameda st & bay street, los angeles, ca 90021

alexander's steakhouse in pasadena.

alexander's steakhouse in pasadena.

a busy night at broken spanish.

a busy night at broken spanish.