i love to eat and travel and document as much of it as i can.

gwen, hollywood.

gwen, hollywood.

baller single malt whiskey.

i've blogged about gwen in the past, and it still remains one of our favorite steakhouses. we arrived early for our reservations and had a drink at the bar first. the bartender was excellent and introduced james to one of his now-favorite whiskeys, baller.

tiki styled: giner, yuzu, sesame, lime and rum.

charcuteries and terrines: cured, fermented & aged.

we did their 5-course tasting menu, which started with a bunch of cured meats and terrines, and the tastiest little house-made pretzel bites.

smoked hamachi with butter beans, sungold tomato, basil blossom.

ravioli with fennel ricotta, pine nuts, brown butter.

for the main course, we "upgraded" to an 80 day dry aged rib eye. i still love that we get to pick our own steak knives, especially given how beautiful their knives are! i looked up the stamp on the knives afterward and discovered bloodroot blades - where their handmade custom knife orders are over a 4 year wait!

our weapons of choice.

80 day dry aged creekstone farms bone-in rib eye.

this was our first time trying an 80 day dry age! we love love love the 40-50 day range, and we worried that 80 days might be too funky for us, but it was excellent! definitely funky, but complex and tender and so, so good. i really love how much more flavorful and interesting dry aged beef gets - i always order it if i can. 

duck fat potatoes.

miso butter beans.

i have no idea why, but they brought us two desserts. no complaints here though. and i was very excited to get my favorite mignardise at the end of the meal, bone marrow caramel!

sorrel, huckleberry, yogurt.

rhubarb, fromage blanc, olives.


cigarette box for the check.

6600 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

felix, venice.

felix, venice.

quince, san francisco.

quince, san francisco.