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lost at sea, pasadena.

lost at sea, pasadena.

there is finally, finally a seafood restaurant worth its weight in pasadena: lost at sea. i know it seems like i just posted about another seafood meal recently (i totally did), but i've made it pretty well known that my love of seafood knows no bounds. the problem is, there really aren't that many great seafood restaurants near us, and supply and demand dictates that those good ones are always packed (and don't take reservations!). in short, i was very, very excited about lost at sea.

oysters with pear habanero relish.

prawns ceviche, passionfruit, orange, guava, aguachile.

prawns closeup.

dish after dish was excellent when we visited. i absolutely loved that they used such large chunks of prawn in the ceviche, and the octopus and mole worked really well together.

octopus with mole, sweet potato, satsuma, sesame tuile.

agnolotti with sunchoke, crab, creme fraiche, fines herbes.

the agnolotti was probably my favorite bite of the evening - it's hard to find anything wrong with the lovely crab-forward flavor and the texture of fresh pasta, though the butter poached lobster nearly stole the show.

pouring celery root veloute.

butter poached lobster, black trumpet mushroom, celery root veloute, fresno chile, parsley.

key lime pie.

after dinner we stopped at one of our favorite wine shops, everson royce, which is right around the corner. while we were there, we found out that on tuesdays, if you bring a bottle of wine from everson royce to lost at sea, corkage is free! as if you needed another reason to go to..

57 Holly Street, Pasadena, CA 91103

a week in the maldives.

a week in the maldives.

albany bistro, decatur, AL.

albany bistro, decatur, AL.