i love to eat and travel and document as much of it as i can.

tokyo coffee & eats

tokyo coffee & eats

other than the heavenly wagyu tasting at sumibi yakiniku nakahara, we kept our eating and drinking pretty casual in tokyo. here are some of our favorites.

Little Nap Coffee Stand

this sunny, tiny coffee shop is near a dog park and makes for great dog watching (in a post to come) in addition to its excellent coffee. cash only!

About Life Coffee Brewers

about life is even tinier and even cuter, a short walk from shibuya station. the craft of coffee suits japan really well - finding these little shops and watching the care with which every espresso is pulled and ever coffee poured was one of my favorite things about this trip.

Nishiazabu Gogyo

kogashi miso ramen at gogyo.

the kogashi (or burnt) miso ramen at gogyo is a bowl of ramen i've been dreaming of since my last trip to japan seven or eight years ago. the miso is literally set on fire before the dish is put together. it's not on any of the best-of ramen lists out there, but i couldn't not come back.

kogashi miso ramen closeup.

tonkotsu ramen at gogyo.

gyoza at gogyo.

Other Casual and Street Food

random oyster bar on hoppi dori.

it's nearly impossible to not find good food in tokyo. wandering street food stalls near train stations and tourist traps is so satisfying, and the hardest thing is deciding which of the amazing stalls to actually stop at! even the sushi from the supermarket, or food available on the high-speed rail or at 7-11s are deeply satisfying. 



pick-your-own grilled meat or seafood skewers on the street.


yokocho (food alley) under the train tracks at shinjuku.

supermarket sushi.

train car tonkatsu sandwiches.

snapshots from tokyo.

snapshots from tokyo.

sumibi yakiniku nakahara, tokyo.

sumibi yakiniku nakahara, tokyo.