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moon festival cocktail feast by LUCKYRICE.

moon festival cocktail feast by LUCKYRICE.

this past weekend's cocktail feast hosted by LUCKYRICE at vibiana was quite a treat. normally, i'm a beer and wine kinda girl, and don't really do cocktails. when i saw the menu of asian-inspired drinks with ingredients like coconut milk, matcha tea and yuzu, my interest was peaked.

it was my first time in the vibiana space, and i was completely blown away by how gorgeous it was and all the amazing details. the event was sponsored by bombay sapphire east gin and each restaurant/bar had their own space, serving one to two cocktails. they varied from slight twists on classic cocktails, to completely unique combinations i've never had or heard of before.

seoul sausage co pouring their two drink options.

seoul sausage co served the makgeolli culkin (bombay sapphire east gin, makgeolli, pamplemousse rose, lemon juice) and the seoul sista (bacardi 8 rum, lime juice, pineapple juice, matcha coconut cream). 

seoul sausage co's makgeolli culkin and seoul sista.

the wallace putting finishing touches on the yin.

the wallace served up the only frozen cocktail of the night with the yin (bombay sapphire east gin, coconut milk, lemongrass juice, thai chili syrup, kaffir lime, mint oil, edible viola flowers) and the yang (martini and rossi prosecco, yuzu juice, honeydew juice, brown sugar and squid ink). 

the yin and the yang from the wallace.

the cocktail academy makin' cocktails.

cocktail academy served a matcha rickey (bombay sapphire east gin, matcha tea, pineapple, lime, thai basil) and in love with the coco (d'usse cognac, orgeat, coconut foam, rice krispies, bitters).

coconut creme'ing.

cocktail academy's offerings.

WP24's tokyo time traveler.

WP24 presented the tokyo time traveler (bombay sapphire east gin, shisho, poochi poochi sparkling sake, lime) and the calamansi fizz (martin and rossi prosecco, ginger, kaffir lime, calamansi). both of these were light and refreshing, and really tasty in spite of being so simple.

WP24's calamansi fizz.

the association was making the ginger baker (bombay sapphire east gin, benedictine, pimm's, ginger syrup, lemon juice, cinnamon) and an aperol sunrise (martin & rossi prosecco, aperol, grapefruit, peroni beer). unfortunately, this was the only station we didn't make it to that night because the line was so long. one of my favorite traditional cocktails is an aperol spritz, so i was really looking forward to this one.

the association going over their offerings.

there were even more drinks in the outdoor courtyard!

cathay pacific airways was handing out mints and a pacific sunrise (martin & rossi prosecco, drambuie).

cathay pacific having a blast, clearly.

the eveleigh's ascension to heaven.

at the eveleigh, we tried the ascension to heaven (bombay sapphire east gin, lemon, candy cap bitters, lavender-steeped cane syrup) and the toad king (carbonated sazeracs, d'usse cognac, absinthe, sichuan pepper-infused peychauds bitters).

the eveleigh's toad king.

the lovely lady bartenders of sassafras saloon were making thai, thai my darling (bombay sapphire east gin, thai coconut milk, kaffir, lemongrass, lime, toasted sesame and a matcha flaka flame (bacardi 8 rum, giffard creme de peche, matcha tea, chinese five spice, mint). the thai, thai my darling was definitely the highlight of the evening for me. it was savory and rich and sour, topped with a drop of chili and sprig of cilantro, and reminded me very much of a thai tom yum soup. 

matcha flaka flame by sassafras saloon.

thai, thai my darling by sassafras saloon.

the roger room adding an orange twist to the buddha's hand.

the roger room was making a buddha's hand (st. germain elderflower liquer, kikori japanese whiskey, fresh lemon juice, orange juice, stone delicious ipa, miracle mile yuzu bitters) and itadakimasu (bombay sapphire east gin, japanese cucumber juice, fresh lime juice, black tea-infused lychee liqueur, agave nectar, japanese cucumber garnish).

the roger room's buddha's hand and itadakimasu.

this was definitely a departure for me from my usual food-obsession, but i really enjoyed myself and am so glad i went.

I received VIP tickets to this event complimentary of LUCKYRICE. All images and opinions are my own.

love is a yakitoriya in little tokyo.

love is a yakitoriya in little tokyo.

noodles and dumpling heaven at JTYH.

noodles and dumpling heaven at JTYH.