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cassia, santa monica.

cassia, santa monica.

i am so behind on posts! with my last post in early march, i got busy because we had a big vacation to iceland planned for the end of march. then we got back, things went down at work and the backlog just kept growing. however, i've been on a photo-editing kick and have lots of goodies to start sharing. they won't be in chronological order, but who cares? first up, dinner at cassia in santa monica. our meal here was utterly amazing. i loved every, single bite. and we even spotted gordon ramsay! definitely one of the more memorable meals we've had so far this year.

hop sea negroni: tequila, punt e mes, citra hop infused cocchi, oyster shell infused mezcal.

banana mule: banana infused gin, galangal/ginger/lemongrass syrup, mint, lime

can you spot mr. ramsay? he's in grey, far right.

raw spicy scallops with english peas, dried shrimp, ham, mint, chile oil.

jellyfish salad with shredded chicken, crispy rice, green leaf, sesame bacon dressing.

as usual, i'm going to let the photos do most of the talking, but my favorite dish of the night, the one i still dream of, was the jellyfish salad. it was light, fresh and refreshing. i could probably eat it every single day.

chino valley egg custard with sea urchin roe and braised mushrooms.

half dozen raw oysters.

grilled pig's tail with bibb lettuce, herbs and fish sauce.

grilled spicy lamb breast with sichuan peppercorn, cumin, sambal, jasmine rice and sesame sauce.

kaya toast with coconut jam, butter, slow cooked egg and soy.

and of course, you can't not get the kaya toast. it's just one of those simple comfort foods that hits all the right notes. i love living on the eastside of LA but this place really, really, really makes me miss living out west. 

vietnamese coffee pudding with coconut shortbread.

1314 7th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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swine and wine at IDT.

swine and wine at IDT.

pok pok LA, chinatown.

pok pok LA, chinatown.