i love to eat and travel and document as much of it as i can.

brunch at botanica, silverlake.

brunch at botanica, silverlake.

botanica restaurant took over an old liquor store in silverlake and is part restaurant, coffee counter, wine shop and market. they are super popular and busy for brunch. we make reservations but usually still have to wait, but the wait is a pleasant one since you can sip your coffee or tea and peruse the tasty goods.

serving coffee manufactory.


botanica spritz: aperol, lillet blanc, citrus, seltzer; oaxacan: del maguey vida mezcal, 123 organic reposado tequila, bitters, habanero, citrus peel.

yoho brewing yona yona pale ale.

sparkling arugula limeade.

side of maple bacon.

i've really enjoyed our meals there. the menu is super seasonal and fresh, albeit a bit eclectic. all the dishes are colorful and served on the most beautiful plates and bowls (aka instagram-friendly). i found the turkish eggs to be particularly comforting; the cocktails (and mocktails) are lovely and refreshing, and the thick bacon slices are so, so good.

summer scramble: soft-scrambled farm eggs, house made chorizo, corn summer squash, tomatoes & basil with sauteed green on the side.

hot smoked king salmon: house smoked wild pacific salmon, heirloom tomatoes & cukes, melted alliums, arugula, herbs & a 6 minute farm egg.

turkish eggs: poached farm eggs, aleppo-urfa butter, garlicky sheep's milk yogurt, charred scallions, lemony salad & cornmeal focaccia.

botanica is the perfect spot for a super lazy sunday brunch. one of these days, we also need to stop in for dinner!  

1620 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

diving channel islands national park.

diving channel islands national park.

tintorera, silverlake.

tintorera, silverlake.