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bar angeles, silverlake.

bar angeles, silverlake.

happy friday!! are you ready for the total solar eclipse next week? we're headed to the south to be in the path of totality, so we're super excited, and can't wait to share that with you at some point. in the meantime, this post is a little different from our usual meal posts because we've actually visited bar angeles in silverlake multiple times, and i'm sharing a combination of all those meals with you today.

original exterior elliott smith mural preserved inside.

i'm a sucker for any place with a cozy neighborhood feel, their cocktails are delightful and the cheeseburger is ridiculously good.

some house cocktail, we don't remember which.

aperol spritz!

market lettuces, avocado, shallot, radish, pistachio, lemon.

clams, merguez sausage, white beans, cavolo nero, sofrito, baguette.

clams beneath the baguette.

other than a few core items (like the cheeseburger!) the menu has been a little different every time and feels very seasonal. there are always several pizzas on the menu, and we've tried two so far. the speck and gorgonzola was good, but the meatballs and chilies was fantastic. the crust has the perfect combination of crunchy exterior and soft chewy inside.

speck, gorgonzola dolce, green onions, oregano.

pizza with meatballs, chilies, buffalo mozzarella, salsa verde, red sauce.

cheeseburger with house sauce, cheddar, pickles, iceberg, grilled onion, brioche, fries.

cheeseburger closeup.

i've mentioned the burger twice already, so if you hadn't already guessed, i love it. it's a good size, has a thick juicy patty, lots of melty cheese and their house pickles are so so good. when they first opened, you had to order fries on the side, but now it just comes with. if you come away from this post with nothing else - next time you're craving a burger, go to bar angeles! 

spring pea agnolotti with green garlic, parmesan, scallions.

agnolotti close-up.

vanilla panna cotta, seasonal berries, balsamic.

we haven't been in a few weeks, but we definitely need to go back soon because they recently expanded their happy hour AND are now showing dodgers games (and how about them dodgers right now?!). can't wait to go back and check it out.

love the penny round tile used on the bar.

4330 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

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EP & LP, west hollywood.

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