i love to eat and travel and document as much of it as i can.

state bird provisions, san francisco.

state bird provisions, san francisco.

back in july, we flew up to the bay area to visit family and friends. our besties jon and jason snagged us reservations at michelin starred state bird provisions for dinner one evening and we had the. best. time.

the dinner format is nearly identical to our experience at emmer & rye in austin. state bird has been around longer, but both were on bon appetit's list of 50 best new restaurants in america the years they opened. there is a base menu you can order a few items from, but dim-sum-style carts bring around lots of other delicious goodies!

steak tartare 'poke'.

smoked brokaw avocado, charred allium, wild rice.

roasted fennel, charred onion, chili peanut crunch.

garlic bread with burrata.

everything was so good, it's hard to pick a favorite. going as a party of four was perfect though, since we got to each have a bite or two of so many different dishes. the garlic bread, octopus, ribs, tartares and anchovy tomato toast really stand out to me looking back.

pork belly & pluot salad.

spanish octopus with creamy butterbeans & chile vinaigrette.

halibut tartare 'constructable' with nori chips.


pork ribs with black bean sauce & black garlic.

silken tofu with pickled ramps, manila clams & aged tamari.

hog island oyster, kohlrabi kraut, sesame.

pickled local anchovy tomato toast.

gulf shrimp & hawaiian heart of palm salad with avocado green goddess.

CA state bird with provisions.

cumin lamb stir-fry with dates, squid & peas.

the flavors and textures of each dish were so unique, and the cultural influences came from all over the globe. we ate really well that night, and we ate a LOT, but we still had room for dessert and it was awesome. the peanut milk was to die for!

coconut ice cream sandwich, graham macaron, raspberries & lime zest.

strawberry granita, anise seed-fig leaf soy milk tapioca, nectarines, puffed rice.


'world peace' peanut muscovado milk.

we're so grateful for our friends that we could share in this lovely experience with them. we're already planning on visiting them again later this year, so i can't wait to see what good eats we get into then!

1529 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115

pausa, san mateo.

pausa, san mateo.

a weekend in joshua tree & palm springs.

a weekend in joshua tree & palm springs.