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emmer & rye, austin.

emmer & rye, austin.

we went to austin earlier this year for a weekend getaway, and despite the humidity and hundred degree temperatures, we had a lovely time and some amazing food. one place we found near our hotel (highly recommended by the way!) in the rainey street historic district was emmer & rye. for a spontaneous meal in walking distance, we were seriously impressed. AND, as i'm writing this blog post, turns out it was named one of bon appetit's 50 best new restaurants of the year shortly after we visited!

the meal is served in two ways. the first menu they give you, they tell you to just order a few things off of it. then, between courses, a dim-sum style cart will come by with additional offerings. for the serious meal-planner in me, it was difficult to reign myself in - i wanted to order everything off the menu, as well as off the cart that came around!

(dimsum) arugula and chevre salad, emmer, cucumber, spring onion, tomato vinaigrette.

norwegian mackerel, tomato, garlic, basil, cucumber.

(dimsum) lamb tartare, nukazuke carrot, shallot, garlic chive, creme fraiche.

landrace durum cacio e pepe, challerhocker, arugula, black pepper.

(dimsum) corn johnny cake, confit pork, deer creek chddar, nuka green beans, creme fraiche.

the meal was amaaaazing; highlights were the mackeral, lamb tartare, cacio e pepe and that dry aged pork chop.

(dimsum) butter poached shrimp, fennel, puffed grain cracker.

dry aged pork chop, confit baby eggplant, home fries, chili sauce.

if you're ever in austin, i would definitely recommend checking out this spot and its neighborhood! lots of food trucks, bars and live music. on a side note, uber and lyft had both left austin when we visited, and while there were lots of different ride shares to choose from, we had a great experience using fasten on my android phone to get everywhere.

(dimsum) watermelon, lime, serrano, pure luck feta.

panna cotta, honeycomb, pecan granola, watermelon.

51 Rainey St #110, Austin, TX 78701

counter 3.five.vii, austin.

counter 3.five.vii, austin.

diving between two continents!

diving between two continents!