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hatchet hall, culver city.

hatchet hall, culver city.

we don't make it out to the westside very often anymore, and let's be honest, that really means "never". on a recent weekend, we decided to spend the day visiting our old haunts in santa monica and venice, and ended our day with dinner at hatchet hall in culver city.

spirit flight.

the whiskey selection and southern focused menu definitely caters to james's tastes. the fresh ingredients and balance of fat, salt and acid in every dish really caters to mine.

smoked yellowtail, horseradish cream, caraway, dill.

oysters, horseradish vinegar, lemon.

shishito peppers, tonnato, bottarga, lemon.

chicken liver, onion jam, grilled bread, pickles, apple vinegar.

all the appetizers were good, but the chicken liver toast kind of blew my mind. the sweetness of the onion jam, and acidity from the apple vinegar and pickles just really balanced and brought out the best of the chicken liver.

the prettiest plates.

corn bread, cheddar, jalapeno, cultured butter, honey, sea salt.

corn bread close-up.

we kept things pretty light with our starters, but really dug into the richness one associates with southern food for the main part of the meal. loved that the corn bread came straight out of the pan and slathered in butter. the pork chop came pre-cut and was perfectly cooked and so, so tender.

mushroom crusted pork chop, smoked lard, wood herbs.

pork chop close-up.

collard greens, ham hock, serrano pepper.

sundae: strawberry malt ice cream, malt crumble, fresh strawberries.

overall, our meal at hatchet hall was really lovely. the space manages to be spacious yet cozy, the food fresh yet comforting. i only wish they were located closer to home!

12517 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

solar eclipse & great smoky mountains national park.

solar eclipse & great smoky mountains national park.

pausa, san mateo.

pausa, san mateo.