i love to eat and travel and document as much of it as i can.

counter 3.five.vii, austin.

counter 3.five.vii, austin.

the best meal of our austin getaway was at counter 3 . five . vii, named for their counter seating around an open kitchen and three, five and seven course tasting menus (or at least that's my best guess). we loved everything about the meal, every detail from design to service to food was expertly addressed. we arrived early and had a drink and oysters in their beautiful bar / front room while waiting for our seats.

the dining counter and open kitchen were impeccably designed. it was an amazing experience watching the chefs prep every single dish, for all the diners, and the food was just as delicious as it was pretty.

amuse. pleasant bay oyster, apple mignonette, apple foam, lemon balm oil.

i. diver scallop crudo, melon, horchata rice, coconut ice, basil flower, leaf and oil.

ii. tartare with meyer lemon vinaigrette, amaranth, texas olive oil, fig jam, rye crisps.

iii. spanish octopus, confit and grilled, green tomato relish, grilled cucumber, nasturtium, local flowers.

iv. springdale summer squash, carolina gold rice, picual olive oil, garlic, cod, fennel, tomato foam.

v. lightsey field pea masa tortilla and cream, texas lardo, marigold, papaya.

the highlight of the meal for me was the goat chop - which we watched come out of sous vide and get finished on the grill. the seafood dishes were also all really, really good. we definitely ate unexpectedly well in austin!

vi. windy hill goat chop and meatball, eggplant, malabar spinach, bone jus, coffee oil.

vi continued. sourdough with goat chop.

vii. solstice shiso jus, creme fraiche mousse, fennel ice cream, plum jam, meringue.

315 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX, 78701

animal, fairfax.

animal, fairfax.

emmer & rye, austin.

emmer & rye, austin.