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button mash, echo park.

button mash, echo park.

button mash is a "barcade" in echo park with food served by starry kitchen, which of course means their famous crispy tofu balls! they are still as good as ever, but served in a really fun environment.

the menu.

super fun wallpaper.

crispy tofu balls with fresh corn, green onions and housemade sriracha aioli.

double-fried tamarind chicken wings with tamarind, garlic, black pepper.

the snacks were all deeply satisfying - from the always-amazing crispy tofu balls, to the tangy tamarind wings, to the super cheesy cheese corn.

cheese corn with japanese kewpie mayo, salted plum powder, smoked paprika.

cheese corn in action!

garlic noodles: fried ramen noodles, clarified brown butter, oyster sauce, chicken fat.

the thick, chewy ramen noodles used in both the garlic and dan dan noodles were delightful, though we both liked the dan dan better for it's balance and complexity. the garlic noodles were just a bit too heavy with the brown butter and chicken fat.

dan dan noodles with ground minced pork, peanuts, black vinegar, sesame paste, chili oil, sichuan peppercorns.

dan dan noodles, all mixed up.


after stuffing our faces, we decided to check out the actual bar and arcade. with dinner, you get a couple tokens, but you can obviously get more. there is a section of pinball machines to one side, and a much larger area of old video games, including classics like donkey kong and frogger. super fun!

1391 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

shibumi, dtla.

shibumi, dtla.

a cross country road trip : part ii

a cross country road trip : part ii