i love to eat and travel and document as much of it as i can.

shibumi, dtla.

shibumi, dtla.

i am so excited to share this meal with you because it was such a great experience in every possible way. shibumi has been receiving endless amounts of critical acclaim since they opened last year. 

cask aged cider with peach, fermented apple.

nikka coffey malt old fashioned.

every bite (and sip!) we had was excellent - i can't even name a standout dish or two like i normally do. everything was super fresh, expertly executed, beautifully served.

japanese caviar (karasumi), scallop cured in koji, sake.

japanese sea bream, ginger bud, pickled plum-irizake.

iwagaki oyster, fresh yuzu, shiso flower, mountain caviar.

i love-love-loved the japanese caviar, which came with sake; the sea bream was fresh and bright; the giant iwagaki oyster had such a lovely brine complemented by the yuzu and shiso.

pick-your-own sake cup.

since we ate at the counter, our server was also our bartender and he recommended great drink pairings to go with every part of our meal.

silky egg tofu, uni, fresh nori, wasabi.

the silky tofu and sea urchin had the creamiest texture, and the fresh wasabi gave it a wonderful and unique pop. the dengaku was sweet and umami, with just a hint of char; even the iron pot rice with a few pickled sides was perfectly cooked and really high quality.

dengaku of japanese sweet potato, crusted with yuzu miso.

rice in iron pot.

california rice.

with accompaniments.

broiled sanma skinny mackerel, black vinegar.

if i absolutely had to pick a favorite from the evening, it would probably have to be the broiled mackerel, though james and i debated (without reaching a conclusion) whether the grilled pork was better.

grilled heritage pork in koji, pickled daikon, leek.

pear cider from jack rabbit hill cidery.

dorayaki: mini pancakes filled with red, white bean.

we ended our meal with red and white bean filled pancakes and some taiwanese whiskey, and were pleasantly surprised by a complimentary off-menu dessert: black ice cream! it was very complex - sweet and savory, creamy and crunchy - a delightful and fitting end to our meal. i can't wait to go back, especially since i read somewhere that a chef's tasting menu is in the works, and you know i love a good tasting menu.

kavalan sherry oak single malt.

black ice cream.

815 Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

snapshots from boston.

snapshots from boston.

button mash, echo park.

button mash, echo park.