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tsubaki, echo park.

tsubaki, echo park.

tsubaki is a new izakaya in echo park, just off sunset boulevard. it's a cozy little spot with a few bar seats that look into the semi-open kitchen.

the menu is divided into sections based on preparation: cold (reisei), steamed (mushimono), fried (agemono), grilled & pan fried (yakimono), simmered (nimono), rice & noodles (shime) and sweets (kanmi)

hiramasa sashimi with aged soy.

sake marinated foie gras with salmon roe, pickled asian pear, milk bread (not pictured).


steamed egg custard, dungeness crab, myoga, wasabi.

we loved every dish we had, and the staff was super helpful in picking out sake for us to pair with different parts of the meal. the sake marinated foie gras was the highlight of the night - it was the perfect marriage of fat, sweet, acid and salt.

ebi harumaki: caledonian blue prawns, yuzu kosho tartar sauce.

tako: binchotan-grilled octopus & tokyo scallions, shishito peppers, aioli.

the sukiyaki at the end also really surprised me, and was super packed with umami between the soft egg and the marinated mushrooms underneath the beef.

gyoza: pan-fried pork dumplings, aged riesling vinegar.

sukiyaki: new york strip steak, forest mushrooms, chrysanthemum leaves, soft egg.

sukiyaki egg porn.

the execution of each dish was careful and precise, without feeling fussy or precious. i really enjoyed the variety of textures and flavors across the menu, as well as the cozy, neighborhood feel of the restaurant overall. such a great addition to echo park!

1356 Allison Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026

EP & LP, west hollywood.

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