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journeymen, atwater village.

journeymen, atwater village.

fermented vegetables.

canele in atwater village is closing. while disappointing to hear a neighborhood staple is going away (it's where we celebrated buying our house four years ago!), i am also excited about journeymen. they are hosting pop-up dinners on monday nights through march in the canele space. we attended one of their pop-ups last week and were pleasantly surprised by the warm experience. eater LA covers where they're from and where they're trying to go - definitely worth a read.


roasted radish, grapefruit, arugula, chili lime vinaigrette.

if you've ever been to canele, you know it's a cozy space that is flanked by a hot yoga studio on one side and a crystal store / acupuncturist on the other. if this doesn't scream neighborhood restaurant, i don't know what does. our meal was lovely and comforting, and full of fresh produce. the menu was vegetable focused, but by no means vegetarian. i loved the way the roasted radish balanced with citrus and spice, the anchovy aioli that came with the beef kofta should come in its own jar, and the roasted romanesco with mole was so good i was practically licking the plate. 

shaved carrot, avocado, celery, oaxacan green hominy, cilantro.

beef kofta, beets, anchovy aioli.

roasted romanesco, mole, pickled currants, almonds.

seared turnips, braised swiss chard, sherry vinegar.

we got to speak to both guy and david and it's exciting to see first hand how passionate they are about the food and the neighborhood. i can't wait to see how they evolve, and am looking forward to many more dinners here. fill out the form on their website or shoot them an email to reserve your spot at one of the remaining mondays!

apple tart, lemon curd, pistachio.

3219 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

kettle black, silverlake.

kettle black, silverlake.

snapshots from boston.

snapshots from boston.