i love to eat and travel and document as much of it as i can.

snapshots from boston.

snapshots from boston.

lunar new year's family feast.

two of my brothers live in boston, so we went to see them and their families over the lunar new year. i always love seeing my nieces and nephews, and this trip was especially exciting as i got to meet a new baby nephew! only five weeks old. {heart eyes emoji}

five week old nephew.

nephew's hockey game.

niece's hockey game.

we stopped by the prudential center to check out eataly boston. it was the weekend though, and a total madhouse. hopefully when the LA one opens it won't be as busy and i can actually enjoy it.

eataly boston.

cheeses, eataly boston.

we try and spend as much time as possible with family when we're in boston, but that means we rarely explore the city on our own. this time we found an afternoon to walk around the downtown area and see some of the sights. 

massachusetts state house.

robert gould shaw memorial.

boston common.

boston public garden.

of course, one can't go boston and not have a lobster roll. we stopped in at luke's lobster, which serves only sustainable seafood. we tried one of each of their rolls: lobster, crab and shrimp. they're on the small side, but the lobster was one of the best rolls i've ever had. and the crab roll was possibly even better.

bates hall, boston public library.

john singer sargent's triumph of religion, boston public library.

courtyard, boston public library.

sunset, newbury street.

journeymen, atwater village.

journeymen, atwater village.

shibumi, dtla.

shibumi, dtla.