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driving supercars in las vegas.

driving supercars in las vegas.

we went to las vegas for james’s 40th birthday. why? so he could drive some supercars. if you know james, you know he loves cars. he’s wanted a lamborghini since he was eight years old, but had never driven one, so i booked a tour with exotic driving experiences - the opportunity for james to drive three “exotic” cars out in the desert was simply too good to pass up. while we didn’t know what cars he would get to drive ahead of time, we were not disappointed.

james’s fleet for the day.

his three cars for the day ended up being a corvette stingray, a maclaren 570s spider, and lamborghini huracan s. honest to goodness, i have no idea what any of this means, but they were very, very pretty. we had two guides for our tour. one drove a car in front of us, one drove the car behind us. james got to drive each car one time, and then choose one of the three to drive one last time. obviously, the first car he drove was the lamborghini.

at the first stop, we then jumped into the maclaren. i don’t know what else to say here: james drove, i took pictures. there’s not much else to it.

our second stop was a ghost town / former gold mine in el dorado canyon called techatticup mine. this was my favorite part of this tour: tons of crazy, weird junkyard finds out in the middle of the desert. very dramatic with mountainous backgrounds and rusty, old details. and of course, arriving in three very fancy out-of-place cars caused a little bit of a stir with the tourists.

three of these things are not like the others.

after about twenty minutes of exploring, we turned around and hit the road again. for the section back to the first stop, james drove the corvette. then for the final stretch back into las vegas, he decided to drive the lamborghini again (of course he did).

heading back toward the las vegas strip.

since it was his birthday, when we got back to the city, our guides let us put the top down on the huracan and drive down the las vegas strip. pretty. darn. neat.

welcome to fabulous las vegas.

new york new york, and a giant knights jersey.

james driving the huracan down the las vegas strip, with the bellagio behind him.

i can’t say enough good things about our experience. our guides were great and really professional, the cars were fun to ride in, and i unexpectedly got to see a ghost town! most importantly though, james loved it, which made it 100% worth it.

é by josé andrés, las vegas.

é by josé andrés, las vegas.

momofuku, las vegas.

momofuku, las vegas.