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porsche experience center, los angeles.

porsche experience center, los angeles.

while we had a blast in vegas celebrating james’s birthday, his actual birthday was in the middle of the week. for that, we took the day off and booked him a driving experience at the porsche experience center down in carson.

the main room where you wait is filled with light and lined with pretty, pretty porsches, with a wall of glass providing views into the shop as well.

james picked out the 911 GT3 experience, which was basically 1.5 miles of driving school. he had a driving coach who worked with him one-on-one to improve his driving skills, catered to james’s goals. the experience center has a small viewing balcony on the second floor, but it was hard to see him for most of it, so i really spent my time working remotely in their cafe.

kick plate.

james swapping seats with his coach.

james on the track.

there is also a fancy little restaurant overlooking the track, which is where we had lunch after james was done with his session. my favorite part? the intricate little porsche-shaped butter. {insert heart eyes emoji here}

porsche travel experience - scotland with macallan 12, blood orange, cassis liquor, rosemary, orange peel.

and in a fun coincidence, their “travel experience” cocktail was inspired by scotland, which is where we were headed later that week! more on that to come.

pretzel bread and porsche butter.

seasonal oysters, apple cider mignonette, 917 hot sauce.

spanish octopus, brussels, lardo, sherry vinegar, harissa aioli, bacon.

sprouting broccoli, smoked burrata, bagna cauda, garlic breadcrumbs.

i was pleasantly surprised by the quality and execution of the dishes we ordered. we kept things pretty light since it was just meant to be a quick lunch, but it rounded out the entire experience in a really lovely way. let’s be honest, if not for the food, i would have been miserably bored the entire time we were there. james did truly have a great time though, felt like he learned a lot, and we’ve already been discussing the next time he’ll go back to further master his driving chops.

19800 S Main St, Carson, CA 90745

the michelin guide returns to LA.

the michelin guide returns to LA.

é by josé andrés, las vegas.

é by josé andrés, las vegas.